“This poem is part of a collection of poems commissioned to celebrate Transgender Remembrance Day.”

By Harry Precious

I tell you my name is Raava Abundance, but you choose to dead name me and call me Godspower; why does Raava cause a riot within your mouth?

Why does it hurt your lips so bad?

Why would you prefer I shrink in a life where we can blink, and everything is over? Gone in a twinkle of an eye!

You say you are my Family, Yet you will not let me live in the fullness and abundance I crave. You are LGBTQI, yet you fret at my sight; you cower and hide in your cave because it makes you feel safe.

Why do you pretend not to know me in public? Why do you fidget with my approach in daylight? Is it because I sway my hips when I walk? Or because my make-up is too loud for you?  I know this one; being seen with me is a threat.

It can cost you your family, job, and life. Your church, mosque, community, friends, family, and colleagues will ostracise you.

Tell me, who wants all of that?

You live in fear and Hide because my Identity Tarnishes your reputation. I live in fear because my Identity is the only excuse for some people to take the air out of my lungs.

And end my Humanity. I fight for my survival and yours by staying away from you.

Staying away hurts, so I sing like a cannery to the ones who will listen, the ones with me in the fight.

These songs from my lungs express my essence, dreams, hopes, and quest for love for

someone I can call mine. Someone who can share space with me in the light.

But the more I search, the more I fear I might go numb and void of feeling from all the hate you have me dealing with.

Why do you make me feel so unloved? That I need healing? Speaking of healing, Thank you, Divine Favour, for being willing to call me Raava. Even with the scolding from people, you persist.