“This photograph is part of a collection of photographs commissioned to celebrate Transgender Remembrance Day.”

By Michael Ashley

In some parts of Africa, accepting identity has been a long-term battle without a foreseen end, especially in Nigeria. Once perceived as a unique identity of any spectrum, one automatically becomes a centre of attraction and
sometimes a thing of Ridicule. Cultural and Religious Beliefs.  in this part of the world have done so well but are still yet to conquer the problems of hypocrisy and prejudice opposing unique identities.

As humans, we all have/ought to have freedom of expression, and we all know that when expressions are obstructed or prevented, there’s always a hit-rock-bottom process or situation. We all are unique, and no identity should be prevented from seeing the true light of expression. There’s beauty in true
expression. Every true Identity is a beautiful colour of Mother Nature, and
nature is colourful too. These images represent the unique identity that has struggled to break through the societal norms of this part of the world. Identities living their truth with utmost guts and thick skin against all odds who were being forced to exile,
stripping the world of a graceful impact. For example, one of the unique identities being forced to exile is the Gender representing/creating fashions for the opposite sex. The society of this clime has forgotten that some genders have gotten/created livelihoods through this. Their uniqueness in them has been misinterpreted as a disruption of the norms.
In conclusion, the acceptance of another is the acceptance of oneself.

This Image represents a Break-Out from the limiting Socio-Stereotype. It takes just a step for a new phase manifestation. Change requires just a step.

This piece represents a unique being finally waking up from his confused state.   He realizes that conquering society begins with Self-love and Personal conviction of One’s Uniqueness. He needs to stand strong amid the storms for a dynamic change occurrence.

A reflection on the rocky path of living your truth, second–guessing and the plagues of living visibly. It can get lonely, but never lose faith in your decision and self.

Owning yourself beautifully, living life on your term and conquering prejudice can be fulfilling. The best of oneself shines through gracefully.

Radiating your glory and rising like a phoenix, as pure as spring water and blooming like a flower to the world. These are traits of owning your truth.

Making the world a better place for love and creativity. Uniqueness birthed in Innovation. INEXPENDIBLE Energy.

Winning feels good when your real self is in play.

YES to living your DREAMS In Utmost Authenticity