This blog is for people who want to be inspired. Those who want to be angelic troublemakers. Those who live for and love the freedom of expression.

The blog offers a safe space for individuals who are brave enough to be vocal about who they are through literature. Here, writers are given more visibility in the creative industry.

We showcase writings that explore characters and experiences beyond mainstream society. We celebrate brave voices; the fascinating and subversive.

The Anatomy of Transmisogyny

By Tiwatope Adunni In 2019 I was at one of my lowest after surviving a motorcycle accident which left me with a fractured limb, and hospitalized...

Jan 19, 2022
Bisi Alimi- My Politics is Personal

Bisi Alimi- My Politics is Personal

On 3rd of September 2018 I posted a video on Facebook which eventually went viral; it was an interview my husband and I granted to a private...

Sep 20, 2018

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